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我们的产品由纯无机材料制成,表面涂层为高温烤漆。成品出厂100%不含甲醛、苯及其它有害物质,无辐射。具有防水、防火A级、抗老化、轻质高强、耐用优点。雅特新型装饰板可完全替代传统大理石、天然木板、陶瓷砖、铝塑板等产品。具有环保、美观、耐用及低成本的优势。 该板可广泛用于内外墙装饰,如建筑外墙、隧道防火、地铁、商场、医院洁净空间、酒店等。也可基于龙骨安装成简便耐用的室内隔断墙体。 在施工技术创新领域,雅特霸力独创的干挂施工方法结合雅特板材,能更高效,更低成本的完成整个装饰板安装流程,相比传统施工工艺,大大降低了施工二次污染?;繁?,健康,高品质,低价格,这始终是我们为您考虑的。 ARTOP Decorative Panel(ADP): Perfect combination of ARTOP’s panel making technology and coating R&D。We produce ADP using green material—cement fibrolite plate as base panel, and composite various special coating. ADP series include diverse panel of different decorative effect. Competitive product as below: 1UV Panel 2Fluorocarbon Panel 3Imitation stone coating Panel 4Real stone paint Panel 5Imitation wood coating Panel ADP is composed of inorganic material and high-temperature baking coating on face. Thus, there are not any formaldehyde, benzene and the other hazardous things in it, also zero radiation. ADP has many advantages such as water prevention, A-level of fire resistance, anti-aging, high strength and light weight, long durability and so on. ADP can instead of natural marble, natural wood panel, ceramic brick, aluminum-plastic panel etc. It also gives you more than environmental, beautiful, affordable and inexpensive. ADP can be used widely in interior and exterior wall decoration, such as external wall of building, tunnel, subway, shopping mall, hospital, hotels and so on. It also can be used as partition of internal space. In aspect of installing technology, ARTOP has created all-new dry hanging method. Using our new method, you can finish the whole panel system more quickly and lower human cost. Comparing to traditional installing method, our method reduce lots of secondary pollutants in work. Environmental, healthy, high quality, low price these we always consider for you.

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